Nexus 4 v/s Galaxy S3

Someone in the office keeps bullying me with his Galaxy S3 – S3 has a better camera, S3 has brighter and more vivid colors, S3 has come from the future… Bullshit!

I’m in love with this device since the day I bought it. I had never imagined that an Android device (even a Nexus) can be so magical. The interface is so simple, snappy and minimally beautiful (thanks to the project butter). Not to mention 2 gigs of RAM, which is always an advantage ( Haha S3 sucks). I used to drool over Touchwiz and all those shit before (that does not include SENSE or BLUR or whatever Sony does). But after rooting all my phones (haven’t rooted Nexus 4 yet), flashing a dozen ROMs on tens of devices, losing a few Android phones, I have found inner peace with stock Android. It just keeps getting better and better with every update. And I’m on 4.4.2, which is the latest (oh is it out for S3 yet?).

Stock Android is the most beautiful experience you can get with AOSP. It’s like a virgin beauty. It should not be tampered with. It works magical in the form it is built.

So unless you’re using the latest iPhone ( and I’m jealous of you), always opt for a Nexus device. Google loves Nexus. It takesĀ  care of Nexus, it trusts Nexus. So should we.

And dear bully in office – Nexus 4 gives a much better and premium feel with glass body, rather than the plastic body of S3. The uglishly high contrast of Galaxy series does not make them prettier or look good. Agree that you’re just jealous of my Nexus 4. Go ahead and upgrade with a Nexus.