It’s Okay

Your Life should be awesome and live it the way you want to. There’s no such hard-coded book with socially acceptable rules in it. There are many social stigma which float around in India and here are some which I can list from the top of my mind –

1. It’s okay if you don’t play or like Cricket. Not everyone in India has to cheer MS Dhoni or worship Sachin all day long. Also there’s no compulsion to bash Ishant Sharma all day long on facebook.
I used to play Cricket a lot as a child and was very good at it. Left it when I entered college and people around made fun of me. Also it’s completely okay if the political shit going around in your state or this country does not interest you much. You won’t benefit a dime from it anyway.


2. Also it’s okay if you don’t follow English Premier League or don’t give a fcuk about who’s the son of the elder daughter of the coach of Arsenal. Majority of people just follow it for showoff. Also posting “GGMU <3″ all day long on facebook is too annoying (I get it. You learnt that it’s cool to do so) . I get it you are too passionate. Try playing FIFA on an Xbox or on the ground atleast. 3. It’s okay if you’re not trying to become the next Shakespeare, reading all the damn classic literature which does not interest you at all. Don’t act like you were born to read Sidney Sheldon. 4. It’s okay if you don’t watch all the damn English TV series, just because all the cool people around you are doing so. I personally enjoy How I met your mother, Big bang theory, Outsourced and Two and a half Men. FRIENDS and  Prison Break are  classics. But you don’t need to preach your learnings about Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones all over the planet. 5. It’s okay if you don’t have a bike that costs a million bucks or even if you don’t know how to ride one. I don’t have a driving license myself and don’t know to ride a bike perfectly. It’s not a symbol of your manhood. 6. It’s okay if you don’t listen to Pink Floyd or heavy metal or follow any genre for that sake. Not all of us were born to appreciate music from outside the country. I frequently listen to Bollywood music, even classics from the era of Mukesh and so on. Most of us learnt about enjoying Metallica, Pink Floyd and Linkin Park in the college. I personally enjoy listening to EDM, Vocal trance and progressive trance. 7. It’s okay if you do not smoke or do not drink beer instead of water all day long or do not party every night. People have their own interests and passion to keep them happy. 8. Also it’s okay if you are staying (working,  studying) in different part of the country and cannot speak their language. I do not want to get into flame war again based on language, cast, religion or racism. And locals from a state do not need to keep bashing and updating hatred for people from outside the state all day long on facebook. We live in one country, we can try to live peacefully. Casting people as North Indians, South Indians, Bihari or Chinki is utter bullshit. Grow up people. Try to respect others. Your state, culture, cinema and language is best, I get it. Let me stay peacefully here because I love it.

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